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2016-2017 MDHS Blue Devils Athletic Award Winners 

The major award winners for sportsmanship and outstanding achievement are:

Individual team awards:

Cross Country

Like the terrain the runners compete on, the season started with some up and downs.  The team's regular coach Ms. Haefling was off on sick leave for the semester because she was injured in a traffic accident. Mr. Koch graciously volunteered to coach the team and Mr. Wong joined as the teacher advisor.  They both really enjoyed spending time with the runners and were even able to increase their own speeds and distances by running with the runners.  The real strides were made by the athletes.  

Ryan Harmer which should be called Flash got quicker throughout the season.  This guy can run and run.  His speed increased throughout the season starting at around 9.9 mph and finishing the season sunning at 11.4 mph.  That means he can run a mile in just over 5.25 minutes.  The amazing thing is he carries this same rate for the next 20 minutes along trails and hills covering close to 4 miles.  Ryan finished 3rd at Huron/Perth and 7th at WOSSAA just missing the qualifying for OFSSAA.  

A new member to the x-country team was Denzel Bolinger.  Like a messenger(Pheidippides) from ancient times, he delivered news about the course to the senior runners.  Denzel has an excellent season starting with the season with a speed around 8.5 mph.  By the end of the season, he was running at 9.6 mph for 5k or 3 miles.  This strong and committed runner shows how hard work and determination can really pay off. He knocked 2 minutes off his earlier Springbank time at WOSSAA by the end of the season.  Denzel placed 7th at Huron/Perth and 39th at WOSSAA.  

Our senior runner was Austin Garratt.  Austin came prepared to compete and made it to all the races.  He communicated and encouraged his team-mates and runners from other schools.  Austin had a tough season competing against runners up to 2 years older. He placed 47th at Huron/Perth.  Austin's positive attitude provided a positive influence on and off the course.

Great work and a fun and excellent season for all the runners.


Mitchell District High School’s Boys Golf team was made up of four good solid players.  David Dixon, Jim Tubb, Zack Dow and Greg Bertens.  The Boys competed well at the Huron-Perth Golf Championship this year held at the Listowel Golf and Country Club.  The boys enjoyed the warm but windy weather and tried to gain a berth to WOSSAA.  Although the team did not make it to WOSSAA, the team played well being up against very good competition.  Mitchell’s young team is looking to the future to make their mark and hope to fare well in next year’s gold season.



Once again, the Mitchell Tennis team travelled to the Stratford Tennis Club to participate in the Huron Perth Tennis Championships.  Conner Gettler and his partner Curtis Lockhart defeated St. Annes and St. Marys in Mens' Doubles action and brought home Silver Medals on the Consolation side of the draw.  Moreover, Kennie Pridham and her partner Eric Gettler also won Silver Medals on the Mixed Doubles consolation side with a solid victory over Goderich.  The school was also represented by Stephanie Smith and Madilyn Emery in the Women's Doubles Draw and Joey McIntosh and Ben Small in the Mens' Doubles Draw.  Great job team!

Sportsmanship:  Kennie Pridham, Eric Gettler

MIP: All Players

MVP: Curtis Lockhart


Junior Girls Basketball

The junior girls basketball team, consisting mostly of grade 9’s, enjoyed a great season with newly formed friendships, development of skills and excellent teamwork on the court.  Despite the challenge of having a very young team, each girls was dedicated and worked very hard in practice and every game.  This showed in our season record of 4-6 and in  making the playoffs.  Well done girls!  You’ve made MDHS proud.

Sportsmanship:  Dani Hanson

MIP:  Dana Cossey

MVP: Kelly Ward


Senior Girls Basketball

The girls had an outstanding season that saw a mix of grade 10 rookies and grade 11 and 12 veterans demonstrate excellent skill and character throughout the five tournaments (Exeter, Mitchell, Kitchener Rockway, St. Mike's, and London Mother Teresa) they attended and all of league play.  The girls finished the season with 17 wins and 11 losses.  They finished Huron-Perth tied for second place with a record of 8 wins and 2 losses. Great job ladies!  

The team would like to thank the following graduating players for their dedication to the MDHS Basketball program:  Olivia Leslie Tesluk, Kylie Ward, Jane White, Bernice Dedecker, Lindsay Babb

Sportsmanship:  Olivia Leslie-Tesluk and Kylie Ward

Most Improved:  Erica Babb, Kayla Bublitz and Jane White

MVP:  Lindsay Babb and Elaine White


The nominees for Grade 7 and 8 Outstanding Athletes are:

Grade 7

Brianna Cook

Emily Haefling 

Hannah Redfern


Tanner Dietz

Josh Duncan

Aiden McMann


Grade 8

Tiana McNain

Alexa Tracy

Ainsleigh Wedow


Denzel Bolinger

Eric Getler

Callum McMann


Junior Boys Basketball

The boys had a very educational and improved season.  Each player demonstrated excellent character, dedication and a willingness to improve.  The team participated in four tournaments (Mitchell, Northwestern, Walkerton and Woodstock).  This team was made up of mostly grade 9 athletes which bodes well for the teams future success.  Great season boys!  It was a heak of a journey!


Sportsmanship:  Jackson MacArthur and Judd Walker

Most Improved:  Alec Murray, Noah Price and Aiden Walker

MVP:  Jack Dixon, Curtis Eidt, Steven Bird and Tyson McIntosh

Senior Boys Basketball

The boys had some fun this season and participated in three tournaments (Mitchell, Walkerton and Kitchener Rockway).  A highlight of the season was winning the Consolation Championship at the annual MDHS Mitchell Bowl.  With the majority of the team returning next season they look to improve upon their record.  Well done fellas!

The team would like to thank the following graduating players for their dedication to the MDHS Basketball program:  Jacob Shuker and Jordan Bryant.

Team Members:

Orlando Campbell

David Dixon

Nick Jung

Greg Bertens

Joey McIntosh

Connor Gettler

Jacob Shuker

Wyatt Nicholson

Jordan Bryant


Coach:  Mr. Moses

Sportsmanship:  Greg Bertens and Connor Gettler

Most Improved:  Jacob Shuker, Orlando Campbell and Nick Jung

MVP: David Dixon and Joey McIntosh


Field Hockey

So many and so few!  The Field Hockey team had 22 players on the roster but only 6 with any experience!  Out of the chaos of learning a new game and picking up new skills in just four days before the first match, came a great team that could play with the best.  Rookies were soon playing like veterans and veterans like leaders.  There were goal-line saves, huge hits, a few too many injuries, two Brazilian players, a lightning storm, lots of parental support, glow-sticks, new uniforms and 7:00am practices that left the feet wet and numb.  We scored some goals, won some matches, learned a lot and had fun!  We can’t wait until next year.

A special thanks and farewell to graduating players: Katelyn Francis, our leading scorer for the season; Ashleigh Jordan, who despite injuries, was always a driving force; Maggie McDonnell, our captain and leader who truly loved the game; and Krista Rock, our net-minder who discovered a love for playing defense!

Sportsmanship:  Rylie Dietz & Maddy Larivee

MIP: Emma Francis & Vanessa Meinen

MVP: Ashleigh Jordan & Maggie McDonnell



This year we started with many novice players and everyone improved markedly during the season.  With a full squad of twenty curlers we were able to field four teams whenever we got to the bonspiels.

Although we did not get to the play-offs at those bonspiels, we curled very creditably, winning several games and pushing much more experienced opponents to extend themselves.

Sportsmanship – Kelly Ward

MIP – Shu Kamiyama

MVP – Matt Leonhardt


Swim Team

What a great swim season for MDHS this year. Our 10 swimmers demonstrated consistent skill development and achieved personal bests throughout the 5 month long season.  Attendance at practices was impressive, even for those bitter cold winter Sunday morning practices at the Stratford Y.

Astounding improvement in technique and speed over the course of those five months was shown by newcomer to the sport, Devon Feltz, and rookies to the team, Serena Hinz and Maddy Larivee, all three of whom qualified for the WOSSAA Championships in London. Also qualifying were Laura Fischer and Megan Rohfritsch. MDHS also fielded 2 senior girls relays at WOSSAA.

Megan went on to qualify and compete at the OFSAA Championships in Windsor in March. placing 18th in the 100 Backstroke, as the second alternate for the semi-finals, and coming within 1/100th of a second of her personal best time.

Sportsmanship:  Laura Fischer

MIP: Devon Feltz & Serena Hinz

MVP: Megan Rohfritsch


Girls Hockey

This year was a bit of a new format for Girls Hockey in the area but a very successful and fun one at that.  The girls’ team posted some great results throughout the season, finishing with a recorded hovering around .500.  In addition to this, there were many great laughs and memories to be shared by all on the team.

Memorable moments:

After winning our first game of the year back in December, someone said, “This is the first time I’ve been on this team and won a game! Wooooo!” 

Winning the Toronto Tournament in April.  We went undefeated in our own pool games and did not give up a single goal in the final 3 games of the tournament. 

MIP:  Sara McLaughlin and Maggie McDonnell

MVP:  Morgan Rolph and Sydney McDougall


Girls Baseball

The girls finished the season with a 10-4 record.  The team participated in the 32-team tournament which was held in Dorchester.  The team eventually came home with the “AA” High School Championship banner.  Earlier in the season the team won the “B” Championship at a tournament in St. Marys.  Mr. Kindler would like to wish much success in the future and also thank the team for the memories.

Sportsmanship:  Maggie McDonnell

MIP:  Dani Hanson

MVP:  Sarah Skinner


Junior Badminton 

The Junior Badminton team had a short but intense season.  For the first time in a long time, the Blue Devils actually had a full 16-member squad.  Competition for a spot on the team was fierce and rising out of that came a number of young hopefuls.  Morning practices focused on footwork drills, playing with a purpose, Royalty on the Court competitions and endless Lightning Round round-robin play.  The team played in three lead-up competitions prior to the Huron-Perth Championship, with several players making it to the quarter-finals and even semi-finals in those tournaments and all gaining valuable experience.  At the conference championship, all played well with most advancing into the third round before retiring.  The Blue Devils again showed their spirit and a few truly stepped up making it to the quarter-finals, with one advancing all the way to capture the silver medal!  Congratulations to one-and- all.

Sportsmanship:  Kennie Pridham and Eric Dearing

MIP:  Avree Paulen and Curtis Lockhart and Judd Walker

MVP:  Kayla Bublitz and Megan Smith and Zack Dow


Senior Badminton 

The Senior Badminton team was short on players - consisting of just five veteran players, one junior playing up and one import from Spain - but was high on spirit and experience.  Our two Boys Singles players battled it out throughout the season for bragging rights and the number one seed, while the Girls Doubles teams eventually morphed into one highly competitive pairing.  The remaining team members showed their versatility with a doubles player learning to play Singles yet again and the two newest members teaming up to become the Mixed Doubles entry.    In exhibition play the Blue Devils distinguished themselves with quarter-final, semi-final and even appearances in the finals in the three tournaments that we entered.  At the HP Championships, all played well with both our Ladies Doubles and Boys Singles players ending up in 6th place.

Sportsmanship:  Paula Monllor

MIP:  Lindsay Babb

MVP:  Quentin Van Pelt


Junior Girls Soccer

The Junior Girls Soccer team showed great improvement over the 2016 season.  The rookie squad, comprising mostly of Grade 9 players, developed their ball handling skills and game play tactics throughout the season and managed to make their games much more competitive as the season went on.  Co-captains Khloee Eisler and Maddie Hill kept the team positive through some difficult games and all players are to be commended for their sportsmanship-like attitude.

Sportsmanship:  Khloee Eisler

MIP:  Mariah Adams

MVP: Dakota Baker


Track & Field 

While 13 maybe an unlucky number for some, it was the perfect number for the MDHS T&F team this year.  The season, as always, was contingent upon the weather and after three full weeks of indoor conditioning, the team finally made it outside to train in their specific disciplines.   Soon afterwards came the first competition at RMC where the team competed with the best from more than 40 schools across the region.  Next was the pre-HP meet, taking on opponents from over 16 schools and finally arriving at the Huron-Perth Championship in Goderich.  At HP, the team did extremely well with 9 athletes moving on in 18 events to WOSSAA.  From WOSSAA, three went on to OFSAA West Region and one advanced to the OFSAA Championship, finishing 5th in the province.  Commitment, camaraderie and competitiveness were the ear-marks of a truly fine season.

Sportsmanship:  Rylie Dietz, Ryan Harmer, Serena Hinz & Paula Monllor

MIP:  Paula Monllor

MVP:  Quaid Austin & Cassandra Hinz


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