January 2018 Exam Schedule and Information

  • It is the sole responsibility of the student to be on time for any and all examinations.
  • The time printed on this schedule is the starting time of the examination.
  • Exams are 1.5 hrs in length, unless noted beside the course.
  • Room numbers, where students will write are beside the course code.

Friday January 26 — 9 am 

  • Grade 9 – SNC1P -N100,  SNC1Da -W110, SNC1Db -W108
  • Grade 10 – MFM2P(3) -W112, MFM2D(3) -W114
  • Grade 11 –
  • Grade 12 – MHF4U(3) -W114

Monday January 29 — 9 am 

  • Grade 9 – FSF1P -N104,   FSF1D -N104
  • Grade 10 – CHC2D -W108,   CHC2P -W108, SNC2Pa SNC2Da (2) -N100, SNC2Pb SNC2Db (2) -W100
  • Grade 11 – EMS3O – N102, MCF3M (3) – W112, MCR3U (3) – W112
  • Grade 12 – SCH4U (3) – W114

Tuesday January 30 — 9 am 

  • Grade 9 – CGC 1P – W114, CGC 1D – W110
  • Grade 10 –
  • Grade 11 – SPH 3U (3) – S101
  • Grade 12 – SPH 4U (3) – S101

Wednesday January 31 — 9 am 

  • Grade 9 – CGC 1P – W110, CGC 1D – W110, FSF 1P – N104, FSF 1D – N104
  • Grade 10 –
  • Grade 11 – MCF 3M (3) – W112, MCR 3U (3) – W112, SBI 3C (2.5) – W108, SBI 3U (2.5) – W108
  • Grade 12 – AVI 4M (2) – S108, MAP 4C (3)  – W114, PSK 4U (3) – N100

MDHS – Exam Information

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of and on time for all of his/her exams.  A medical certificate may be required to verify a student’s failure to write a required examination. If you are late for, or forget, your examination, please phone the school (519) 348-8495 and report to the office as soon as possible.
  2. Exams are written in the regular or designated classrooms. Exceptions:  a) Students with extenuating circumstances may be assigned a suitable location and time for the exam.  b)Students in Resource Withdrawal will write their exams in assigned room.
  3. Students should not take any paper, books or other helpful materials into the exam room unless they have express consent to do so from their teacher.  No electronic devices or cell phones will be permitted in the exam.  Please ensure they are off and away.
  4. Students will remain in the examination room for the full one full hour. Students may then be dismissed every ½ hour. There will be no early leaving; thus students should organize themselves to take full advantage of the time allotted.
  5. All hallways around exam classrooms are out of bounds during exams.  If you finish your exam within the hour, you may go to your locker QUIETLY and QUICKLY and you must vacate the hall asap!
  6. Students are to place their name on each written page of their exam.  The pages should be numbered.  At the end of the exam, the paper is folded and the students write their name, subject, teacher and number of pages. OR Follow the direction provided by your teacher.
  7. The Library may be used by students as a quiet, individual study area.
  8. There will be no cafeteria food service during exams.  The cafeteria dining area will be open for student use as a study area and for students who bring their lunch.
  9. Buses will leave at regularly scheduled times./li>
  10. Course textbooks are to be returned to subject teachers prior to the exam being written. Teachers will complete paperwork re: textbooks owed to them and submit information to admin.