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MDHS Parent Lending Library


More than just pages on a screen – eBooks are a great way to read on the go! EBooks can be used in two ways: You can access them online from anywhere. You can also download and view eBooks offline, which reserves the eBook for a set circulation period, allowing use of the search, highlighting, note taking and copy/paste/print features as permitted by the publisher.
We now have a growing collection of eBooks on a wide variety of topics that parents can access.  They are separate from the school library collection.

What you need to do:

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Contact our teacher-librarian, Heather Cumming, at heather.cumming@ed.amdsb.ca , requesting her to create a Follett account for you.  Your login information will be emailed to you.



The following hard-copy (regular book) resources can be borrowed for 1 to 2 months at a time.

Please contact the library at MDHS 519-348-8495 or e-mail heather.cumming@ed.amdsb.ca  to arrange loans.

Of course, you can always visit the library during the school day and have a look at the collection too!






Active Parenting of Teens


Parent in Control

Restore order in your home and create a loving relationship with your adolescent

I’ll Never do that to my Kids

The parenting traps of adult children

A Single mother’s Guide to Raising Remarkable Boys


Just because it isn’t wrong doesn’t make it Right

Barbara Coloroso

Extreme Pursuit

Winning the Race for the Heart of your Son

Parent in Control

Restore order in your home and create a loving relationship with your adolescent

Setting Boundaries with your Adult Children

Six steps to hope and healing for struggling parents

Girls will be Girls

Raising confident and courageous daughters

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

10 secrets every father should know

Parenting after Divorce

Resolving conflicts and meeting your child’s needs

The 7 Pitfalls of Single-Parenting

What to avoid to help your children thrive after divorce

Help your Twenty - Something Get a Life



Teenage Girls


Helping Struggling Adolescents


Teenage Guys


The Second Family

Dealing with peer power, poop culture, the wall of silence


Inside the world of today’s teenagers

Gambling and Gaming Addictions in Adolescence


Anorexia and Bulimia in the Family

One parents practical guide to recovery

When to Worry

How to tell if your teen needs help and what to do about it

The Art of Talking to your Teenager


Helping Teenagers Beat Depression


School Related

A Parents Guide to Tutors and Tutoring

How to support the unique needs of your child

Home Sweet Homework

Parents guide to stress free homework and studying strategies that work

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Don’t let your Kids Kill you

A Guide for Parents of drug and Alcohol Abuse

Addict in the Family

Stories of loss, hope and recovery

Beyond the Influence

Understanding and defeating alcoholism

Ten Talks Parents must have with Their Children about Drugs and Choices



Girl Wars

12 strategies that will end female bullying

The Bully, The Bullied and the Bystander

Barbara Coloroso

Ten talks Parents Must have with Their Children about Violence



The Art of Talking so that People will Listen

Getting through to family, friends and business associates

The Ten Conversations you Must have Before you get Married


Couple Skills

Making your relationship work

The Enabler

When helping hurts the ones you love

Change your Questions: Change your Life

10 powerful tools for life and work


Net Crimes and Misdemeanors

Spammers, swindlers who are targeting you online

Generation My Space

Helping your teen survive online Adolescence

Protect Your Child on the Internet



Parenting teens in a My Space world

Loss and Grieving

Parenting Through Crisis

Helping kids in a time of loss and grief

I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye

Surviving, coping and healing after the sudden death of a loved one

Healing the Hurt

Restoring hope: how to guide children and teens through times of divorce and death

Helping your Children Cope with Cancer

A guide for parents and families


Mom: Sex is no Big Deal

Helping daughters develop healthy sexual identities

Beyond Acceptance

Parents of lesbians and gays talk about their experiences

Always my Child

A parents guide to understanding your gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or questioning son or daughter

Beyond the Big Talk

A parent’s guide to rasing sexually healthy teens- from middle school to high school and beyond


Laying Community Foundations for your Child with a Disability

How to establish relationship that will support your child after you’re gone

How to Reach and Teach Teenagers with ADHD


If your Adolescent has Depression or Bi-Polar Disorder


Complete Guide to Asperberger’s Syndrome


Overcoming Dyslexia

A new and complete science-based reading program for reading problems at any level

Ten Things Every Child with Autism wishes you Knew



The Good Food Book for Families


The Peanut Allergy Answer Book


The parents guide to food Allergies

Clear and complete advice from the experts on raising your food-allergic children

The Gluten free Bible


Scary Dairy, wild Wheat and Coping with E’s

A dietary approach to children’s behavioural problems through diet

Carbohydrate-Addicted Kids

Help your child or teen break free of junk food and sugar cravings...for life!


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