Services and Clubs

Student Services Department

Student Services offers a range of services to help students.

  • Individual counselling about courses, careers and personal matters;
  • Group presentations about careers and future education;
  • Information about jobs, colleges, universities and other opportunities;
  • Assistance with applications to post-secondary educational institutions;
  • Records of accumulated credits (transcripts);
  • Information about scholarships and financial aid for further education;
  • Referrals to community agencies for additional support;
  • Assistance with timetable

To make an appointment, please visit Student Services to put your name on an appointment schedule. You may not schedule appointments during class time.

Change of Course Request (Grades 9 to 12)

If a student wishes to initiate a change in their timetable

  • The request is discussed in an interview between the student and a Student Services Counselor.
  • The student is provided with a change in program form with the credit information and Counselor’s
  • The student takes the form to his/her current teacher for a
  • The student takes the form to his/her receiving teacher for a
  • The student then takes the form home for a parent/guardian signature and
  • The form must be returned to the Student Services Counselor within two school
  • The request is reviewed by the Principal for
  • If the request is approved, the student will receive a new timetable, and the change in schedule will take effect that day. If the change request is not approved, the Counselor will contact the student.
  • Students are to continue to attend all of their originally scheduled classes until a new timetable has been issued to them


  1. Deadline for student-initiated addition of a new course is three weeks after the semester begins.
  2. If a student withdraws from a course five days after the first Provincial Report, that course will be recorded on the Official Student Transcript as “W” (withdrawn).
  3. If a student repeats a course, the final marks for both attempts will be recorded on the Official Student Transcript, but only one credit will be
  4. All attempted grade 11 and 12 courses will be recorded on the Official Student Transcript (whether the marks are a passing or failing grade).
  5. Student athletes should make sure they are aware of the OFSAA eligibility rules in regards to what is considered a full-time student when making course

34 Credit Threshold

Ontario secondary school students need to successfully complete 30 credits in order to graduate. Starting in the fall of 2013 the Ministry of Education implemented a 34 credit threshold. All students have the same access to courses and classes for the first 34 credits of their program. Once a student reaches 34 credits any further course requests will be scheduled only if there are  empty seats available. In most cases this only becomes a concern during the second semester of the fifth year a student is with us. Students with Individual Education plans are exempt from the 34 credit threshold. Throughout the option sheet process our student services counselors will work with students who might reach the 34 credit threshold in order to make sure that their highest priority courses are counted within their first 34 credits.

Athletic Team Policy

It is expected that:

  • All student athletes regularly attend school. Poor attendance will result in the athlete remaining at school while the rest of the team attends a game or
  • All student athletes will work to their potential in all classes to remain a member of a school
  • All student athletes will consult their teachers in advance concerning class work, homework assignments and/or tests they will miss as a result of team events. Failure to comply may result in removal from the team.

It is also important for athletes and parents to understand the following:

  • Attendance at  practices  is Poor  attendance  may  result  in  the athlete receiving decreased playing time or remaining at school while the rest of the team attends a game or event;
  • Athletes who are absent from classes on the day of a game or event will not be permitted to play;
  • All students will travel with their team using the arrangements made by the coach. No student will be permitted to drive him/herself to a game or event, except in extenuating circumstances, and in such event, is not be allowed to transport

No student will participate in a game or event until:

  • Their MDHS student fee is paid;
  • Their Pay to Play team fee has been paid;
  • A cheque has been given to the coach to cover the cost of replacing the (This cheque will only be cashed if the uniform is not returned at the end of the season.);
  • All “Athletic Events” consent forms are completed and signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the coach;
  • The student-athlete contract is returned to the coach signed by a parent or guardian, all classroom teachers, and the student

School Services for Teens

Students 12 years and older may request confidential counseling, on their own. Counselors must discuss with you, at the earliest opportunity, the desirability of involving your parent(s)/guardian(s). The following community agencies provide information and/or counseling related to problems or concerns. Except where indicated, there are no fees.

A public health nurse and a drug/alcohol addiction counselor are available one day a week to meet with students to promote their health and well-being. Students can arrange a time to meet with the nurse or counselor by dropping by the nurse’s office, located within Student Services.

Optimism Place

An emergency shelter for abused women and their children
270 Freeland Dr., Stratford
Crisis Line (519)271-5550
Dating Violence Prevention Program 519-271-5310 Ext 24

Perth District Health Unit

1-877-271-7348 (toll free) ext. 267
Monday to Friday 8:30 – 4:30
Health Line – TeleHealth -1-866-797-0007 (toll free)
Talk to a nurse about personal health information and confidential health services.

Shelter Link

(Provides emergency housing) 519-272-2294

Sexual Health Clinic

Free confidential services. Birth control, emergency contraception, counseling, pregnancy testing, STI testing and free treatment. Appointment preferred.
Stratford – 519-271-7600 ext 704

Children’s Aid Society – Huron/Perth

639 Lorne Ave., Stratford
519-271-5290 or 1-800-668-5094
Concerns about parents, birth control, or abuse

Huron-Perth Crisis Intervention

1-888-829-7484 or 519-272-8210, ext. 2481
Will provide a counselor for individuals in Crisis

Kid’s Help Line – 1-800-668-6868

Crime Stoppers – 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS)

West Perth O.P.P – 519-348-9700 or 1-888-310-1122

Mental Health Services – (students 18 years & over 1-866-531-2600)

CCAC Mental Health Worker – Available by school referral